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Article Name:Brain model - with artery and nerves, life size, 9 part
Article No: Specification:DM-PP1001A
Brand:DM Unit Price:
Detail info:1.with artery and nerves, life size, 9 parts 2.PVC
Article Name:Nasal Cavity
Article No: Specification:DM-R3002
Brand:DM Unit Price:
Detail info:1.This model can be used as a visual teaching aid when explaining physiological health courses in secondary schools. Make students understand the internal structure of the nasal cavity. 2.The display: ᅠ1)External nose: section of nasal bone a
Article Name:Enlarged Eye in Orbit, 3 times enlarged, 10 parts
Article No: Specification:DM-S7104
Brand:DM Unit Price:
Detail info:Function parameters: 1. This model shows the position of the eye and optic nerves in the eye socket (bottom and middle wall) in 10 pieces. 2. Zoom 3 times according to the real object, with a base. 3. PVC.
Article Name:Enlarged Eyeball,6 times enlarged
Article No: Specification:DM-S7103
Brand:DM Unit Price:
Detail info:Function parameters: 1. This model is used to display the anatomical structure of the human eyeball, such as the three membranes of the eyeball wall (outer membrane, middle membrane and inner membrane) and the main refraction body, lens and vitreous
Article Name:Enlarged Heart Model
Article No: Specification:DM-S6018
Brand:DM Unit Price:
Detail info:Function parameters; This new large heart anatomical model demonstrates the anatomical components including the aortic arch, the coronal first atrium, as well as the ventricles, valves, and veins, divided into three parts. 2. Magnify 4 times accord
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